iPod Adventure Game

This is a version of the Colossal Cave Adventure originally written in the 1970's by Will Crowther & Don Woods.  My first experience with adventure games was with a CP/M version of Colossal Cave on my father's Osborne 1 circa 1983.  As a teenager that summer I spent endless hours mapping every room and treasure I could find.

There are over 130 rooms in my iPod version of Colossal Cave with over one thousand possible movements throughout the cave.  Even in this version it is very easy to get lost!

Note to Adventure Purists: Because of the limitations of the iPods' NOTES feature this game lacks the randomness and scoring of the original games, but is still an entertaining way to pass some time, and you can listen to your favorite songs while exploring!  Try that on your PDP-10!


How To Adventure On Your iPod

Click here to download Adventure.zip file to your PC/Mac.

Connect your iPod to PC/Mac and turn it on.

Locate file Adventure.zip and unzip it.

Open the iPod drive and transfer the Adventure folder to the NOTES folder in your iPod.

Eject/Disconnect your iPod.

To Start the Game

Turn On your iPod.


Select NOTES

Select Adventure



Thanks to Warren Toomey for his maps
which can be found at:

Hey no peeking / cheating!