HamiMiami's Water Rockets

This is my first foray into the fun field of Water Rockets.

Basically soda bottles pumped up with air and water they can reach heights of hundreds of feet.

This stuff is loads of fun and C H E A P!  You can build a launcher for less than $10 and the rockets get rescued from the trash (the ultimate in recycling)

The photo at left is a video snapshot which is why it isn't the sharpest in the world, but the following photos and videos tell it all. 

PS: That's my neighbor Eddie in the picture ;-)


Parachute Video 2Meg AVI video of an evening parachute launch.
Prototype Parachute Rocket MACh-1

The fins are cut from foam plates.  I use JB WELD epoxy to glue things to the bottles.  It is quick and extremely strong.  Strength is important as these rockets can pull 100+ G's.

Body, Nosecone, Parachute

Parachute is made from ~2ft circle of trash bag

The parachute is rolled with the cords wrapped around it only once or else it won't have time to unfurl.

The whole thing sits inside the nosecone which is loosely placed on the rocket.

At apogee the nosecone falls off.

To attach the parachute rigging to the pressure bottle I cut off an eyelet and used JB Weld to glue it to the top of the rocket. 

Note the rubber band used to absorb the shock of the parachute opening so it doesn't rip apart.

A rubber band is screwed into the nosecone cap to absorb the shock of the parachute opening.

Remember, place the nosecone on very loosely or else it won't fall off at apogee.

The Launcher is extremely simple.  Here are the parts from left to right:

- 50ft Pressure Hose $9
- 1/4" to 1/2" fitting
- 90deg 1/2" fitting
- 1/2" dia 4" long pipe
- Gasket cut from FOAM PLATE placed over the pipe between nozzle and 90deg fitting.

I tried LOTs of gaskets.  Rubber ones balloon out under pressure and leak.

The "U" shaped wire (coat hanger) clips over the bottle neck and slips into 2 holes drilled in the 2x4.  The curved end is held down by the wing nuts.  Launching is accomplished by "pulling the launching pin".

Warning!!!  This launcher has gone up to 90psi (my pump won't go any higher)  I've read that these bottles explode violently somewhere over 100 PSI.  BE CAREFUL!!!


Of course you don't have to get complicated to have fun.

 Just launching plain bottles is a blast.

Have fun and be safe!